about tree elven

I'm a British-born creative writer based in Madrid, Spain. I like travelling, and speak fluent Spanish and good Russian and French.
My twin passions are writing and performance – I need to balance the solitude of writing with the interactivity and colour of performance – and those are the two main skills I've also used in my money-earning career as a journalist/ editor/team leader.
A lifelong love of dance meant that when I first realised I wanted to get my poetry off the page and onto the stage, I naturally turned to dance as a way of 'illustrating' it. It was great making the text more fluid, and the dancers more text-inspired - Poemotion was born!
I myself enjoy performing, and a lot of my poetry is definitely written to be performed, but my favourite writing-to-be-read format is the short story. Maybe it would be the novel if I had more time…
Working in management, problem-solving and business development in the day-job has honed my natural enjoyment of teamwork, and on the creative side, I love getting together with like-minded artists to spark off each other's energies and create the best possible result.
As well as writing and performance, I'm also creative when it comes to seeing positive ways out of dark corners and pushing projects through. That might mean 'pushy' to some, but I hate time-wasting and like to get things achieved.
If you'd like to get in touch to discuss collaborations, comment on my work or tell me about yours, please do - I'd be happy to hear from you. Who knows what it may lead to?