The Leper

Where have I been?

Well, for sex-drenched summers
in St Tropez
With gold-rimmed shades perched on my tan
and everything white Ė
the teeth,
the T-shirts,
the yachts in the bay.

What have I done?

Iíve climbed a high mountain,
drawn its frozen air down into my lungs
like a grateful dog
hoping to freeze the joy
and drag it back down
in an unwieldy block.

What have I seen?

I have seen the structure
of air,
Its muscles and sinews,
the bones that arenít there.

How have I lived?

I have lived
in awareness.
Aware of the sun and the snow,
the joy and the pain,
My nerve endings ending,
Refusing to run messages up to my brain.

What shall I be and why have I been?

Enjoying my hard disk,
Avoiding your screen.