speaker / authority

An entertaining speaker who handles an audience well, will travel, and will happily tailor my portfolio to your requirements, I offer a range of bespoke and/or multi-media talks, ideal for after-dinner entertainment or educational/corporate events.
With recognised expertise in the area of celebrity/royalty, I have provided TV, radio and in-person opinions/presentations for clients including the BBC, CNN, ABC and the British Council.
Subjects have ranged from football ace David Beckham's move to Madrid to Prince Albert of Monaco's love child revelations.
After-dinner speeches have included themes like; What's the difference between a royal and a celeb?, A Day in the Life of a Celebrity Interviewer, and Six of the Best – Topical Celebrity Anecdotes.

Examples of talks:

» Celebrity:
Is the contemporary obsession with celebrities' lifestyles inexplicable or a response to a deep-rooted social need? Entertaining illustrated discussion.
» European royalty:
A colourful description of modern Europe's royals, and a look at the changing role of monarchy and the key figures/events involved.
» The Spanish Connection:
Light-hearted yet informative performed presentation. Texts, music, dance, introduction to popular contemporary Spanish figures, sounds, multi-media.