» Specialities: Text illustrated with dance; short-format (45-60 minute) plays; English/Spanish bi-cultural productions.
» Style: Visually attractive, entertaining but thought-provoking. Dark-grey humour. Strong imagery.
» Performances: London, Madrid, Moscow, Houston.
» Current shows: Poemotion (performed poetry/dance with three dancers, three actors and one musician); Win-Win (revenge drama, seven actors); Bi-Fi (performed text/dance with minimum two actors, two dancers); Around Spain in 80 Minutes (one-person multi-media).
» Ongoing projects: Are you a choreographer looking for English-language textual components to work with? An individual interested in discussing collaborations? A programmer looking to fill a slot with a one-woman multi-media show, a short three-hander or a full-strength text/dance production? An acting group hoping for new material to perform? Contact me! -using the buttons alongside- I'm always interested to hear from dance companies/individuals, acting groups, theatre programmers and festival organisers.